Match the Right Dress with Your White Pashmina!

Clothes should be according to the weather.

Who says?

Clothes should be according to the mood.

Never let the rain or the heat demotivate you. Always remember that no matter how adverse the weather is, you are still going to look mesmerizing.

pashmina white

Throwback to the enigmatic tale of pashmina

It exists since the age of royalty. The versatility of pashmina scarves is nothing new to all the fashion lovers. It can go with anything, literally anything you wear.  Fabricated with finest wool’s, polyester or viscose, you can get it in different designs, different colours and different materials. It is mainly square shaped.

From time to time pashmina has upgraded itself to give tribute to every look whether western or Indian, formal or informal, traditional or casual, let alone the white wrap. An epitome of peace, white always emancipates with every colour and the concoction of white with the delicacy of pashmina is the new trend.

  • That color red

Red always looks stunning on every skin tone. The other shades of red like maroon, cherry, magenta are equally gorgeous. Moreover, its looks more captivating when contrasted with white wrap.

So if you set an ivory white cashmere pashmina with a red Travelers Classic Reversible Tank, you can rest assured that you’re going to look like a fairy. Planned a day out with best pals? A Curved 360 NYDJ Jeans or a Solid Shoulder Dress is the ultimate outfit for you; white pashmina is always in trend and when you wear them, you never fade out in the crowd.

  • Simple Nudes

The craze for nudes is new in fashion. Nudes look very simple yet very elegant. Nude is very god for office looks or a candle light dinner with a loved one. Moreover, if that nude dress is set with the white pashmina, the one wearing it will be irresistible to look at. Here are some of the suggestions for which dress will go well with any pashmina:

A Zenergy Neema Utility Detail Dress will be an excellent fit; however an In Full Swing Dress is also a wise choice to match with a pashmina. Cream Nudes and white shawl is a match made by the almighty. You can accessorize this with a dark colour clutch bag, just like those James Bond heroines.

  • Dark And Bold

Darkness and Light make beautiful dawns and twilights. This colour amalgam is fabricated by nature itself. To be wise, sometimes we should follow that union because it makes us look more beautiful. Therefore, a Cut-out Little Black Dress and a white pashmina will just look marvelous.

What about Sleeveless Fringe Shirt for the corporate ladies? A white pashmina  in a double loop wrap will carry your personality in a pro way! Fulfill the look with black stellatos, and a steel coloured side bag.

Pashmina is evergreen in fashion. So, your wardrobe is not complete until there is white pashmina sitting right in it!

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