Our puppies are vet-checked, wormed, and can be micro-chipped before going to their new family. We even provide a starter supply of their current feed to help him or her adjust to their new environment.

Seller is experienced at delivering puppies by airlines, and can make arrangements to have your newly adopted friend delivered to you anywhere in the United States. If interested, please call to discuss the process and cost.

Puppies for Sale

We advertise new litters online at our Puppy Blog (CLICK HERE), and PuppyFind.com, or you may call to inquire what puppies are, or will be, available in the near future. Information about our bitches and stud dogs is also available on the blog.

** Stud Services Available**

About our Yorkie Moms and Dads

Puppies born to the Mothers in my kennel are raised in a special nursery in my home. Before they go to their new homes, they will be properly wormed and have their first shot. Litters will be Vet checked and can be micro-chipped for an additional cost. They will go to their new home with a supply of the food they’ve been weaned unto.   I am an experienced shipper, if need be, and weather permitting.

Yorkshire Terrier

These are the boys, and they are amorous! They like their work and are good at it. On occasion we take in outside breedings. Call or E-Mail for information.

Yorkshire Te Puppy 2


The first Boy is Paco.  He comes from Lake Buena Vista Kennel in Brazil where his Sire & Dam are both Champions.  The second one is Zander.  He comes from Carol’s Toys in Alabama.




Liverpool Pet Grooming Service

I have Retired but continue to enjoy grooming my yorkies and a very limited cliental.

Description of Our Liverpool Grooming Services

We clip to AKC standards OR to owners specifications. Work on each dog is different.

Pre-bath work involves removing hair from ears, shaving out bottom of feet, and cutting toenails. Then comes the bath with the type of shampoo that will be the best for the seo liverpool condition they’re in, and ear cleaning. Next we hand-dry until damp and finish drying in dryer, or brush & blow dry – this includes using on our website. Finally, to the finish groomer for the requested hair cut style, a spiff of cologne, a snazzy bandana, and await the masters return for pick up.

“Let Us Pamper Your Pets”

CALL: (231) 468-9352
Holland, MIchigan

Large dogs, matted dogs, animals with fleas, and de-skunking are additional.

We also bath & brush dogs that don’t require haircuts (Labs, beagles, etc…). We bathe, clip and style our feline friends as well.

Finding That Yorkie Breeder

Experiencing difficulty finding that ideal yorkie breeder? The initial step is look into. Thoroughly understand the yorkie breed so conversations with breeders will be instructed and clear that you’ve gotten your work done.

Start with a rundown of breeders from the nearby classifieds and different sites. Search for sites explicit to yorkies as opposed to those with more than one breed. Yorkie breeders with 15 dogs or 5 can have similarly powerful projects. Avoid modest little dog factory dogs. Little specific breeders are regularly the way in to a quality yorkie breeder.

Approach web breeders for a rundown of references who have visited the pet hotel and bought a little dog. Request a veterinarian reference and any online breeder survey joins. The most legitimate will have genuine surveys posted by purchasers on discussions or audit locales. Request that the breeder give those. In the event that these are not promptly accessible, try not to.

Yorkie little dog territories

In the event that you can visit or get input from others, center around conditions. Yorkie little dog territories ought to be spotless and utilized distinctly for the pet. Try not to acknowledge a yorkie from a pet hotel with clear unsanitary conditions. Search for clean water and feed bowls, liberated from flotsam and jetsam of any sort. Boxes or pet hotels ought to be spotless and clean without any than two yorkies per pet hotel and one yorkie per box. Containers or pet hotels ought to be liberated from dried pee or dung.

Waste ought to be endless supply of it. The breeder ought to quickly start tidying up regardless of whether she needs to quit “selling.” Do not hope to see a flawless territory, dogs soil the region around them every once in a while. Nonetheless, there ought to be no remote garbage like rubbish or other strange things.

Females with yorkie young doggies look messy for some time, and are likely cut up short. The entirety of the yorkies should seem as though they get a lot of activity, play outside and are cheerful in their environment. Never anticipate that each dog in the pet hotel should have that straight from the custodian look. Notwithstanding, they should all be perfect and clean. Sound judgment will let you know whether a dog looks thought about and glad. Most legitimate breeders make progress toward the

Yorkshire Terrier Club of America’s standard

Ensure the breeder knows about the YTCA. Respectable breeders’ females ought to be at any rate five pounds.

The Yorkshire Terrier Club of America, who sets the standard for AKC, suggests purchasers not buy from breeders utilizing the “teacup” or “teddy bear” phrasing. Breeders whose program is exclusively focused on creating “tea cup” young doggies or continually having little dogs accessible ought to be expelled. Breeder’s ought to be learned about the hereditary qualities of each yorkie and have the option to viably assess every little dog for hereditary attributes anticipated.

Regardless of whether you don’t comprehend, ask at any rate. It is a decent test to perceive how a lot of research goes into a breeder’s individual program. These breeders are better prepared to distinguish medical issues and low quality early. On the off chance that the sole motivation behind each litter is to deliver little yorkies, be careful. Your breeder ought to have the option to address any inquiries.

Moral rearing practices safeguard that female dogs are refreshed between litters. Guys yorkies ought to be DNA composed with AKC. A quality breeder consistently attempts to adjust the yorkies’ needs, the purchaser’s desires and her own budgetary needs. Be mindful of breeders who “down” different breeders. It very well may be a “dog eat dog world.” Business ought to never be tied in with bringing down another person to make a deal. No pet hotel is great. Purchasers should look to breeders that sell their own benefits and the benefits of their young doggies.

Extremely modest

I am regularly inquired as to why some yorkie little dogs are extremely modest while others are in the thousands. To put it obtusely, purchasers get precisely what they pay for. A decent general guideline is to value a few yorkies locally and on the web. Locate a middle range in cost and work from that point. A purchaser ought to have the option to perceive rapidly whether the breeder is devoted to her program or simply placing a couple of additional jettisons in her pockets the backs of her pets.

Genuinely devoted breeders invest a lot of energy and cost on their Yorkies. This ought to be remunerated not wrangled over. Breeders offer an assistance simply like some other working individual. You, as a worker, hope to be paid for your support of your organization, as you most likely don’t trust you make enough for your work. Breeders are the same. Quality pets are an impression of the pet hotel wherein they are whelped. A breeder’s essential concern ought to be the best position and over all soundness of the little dog regardless of whether it cost them a deal.

Extraordinary yorkies come in all shapes, hues, and sizes

Request to see rearing records at the pet hotel and a clarification of the breeder’s general program. Pet hotel records ought to have data on different litters, sizes of each yorkie, wellbeing data, and inoculation data. The ideal breeder ought to have the option to depict the kind of yorkie two guardians produce. The measure of data ought to be practically overpowering.

On the off chance that rearing is an energy, paying little mind to how huge or little the pet hotel, this data will be accessible. In the case of anything is clandestine, discover another breeder. Purchasers ought to have the option to see where the yorkies live. Absolutely never buy from a parking garage or in a territory separate from the yorkies’ genuine living zone.

Numerous breeders expect modification to guarantee lines stay unblemished and dogs can’t be reared. Pose inquiries about the agreement. In its least difficult terms, on the off chance that the thinking bodes well, at that point it is most likely alright. All breeders should offer some sort of wellbeing ensure. Know about the distinctive medical problems that can be an issue for yorkies. Address these worries explicitly with the breeder. Peruse the agreement before you sign it. A decent agreement will have more data than required. On the off chance that no agreement is accessible, discover another breeder.